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Phila Wellness Spa

Make massage a part of your wellness routine

A peaceful paradise is now within your reach at either of our tranquil branches. 

Perfectly tucked away in Fordsburg's prime business location on Park Road, close enough to numerous shopping and eat out places, and strategically placed in the serene suburb of Montgomery Park, Phila Wellness Spa simply allows you to immerse in supreme relaxation and pleasure. This beautifully designed spa enjoys its distinction through a combinination of Traditional Thai and African spa techniques.

This restful sanctuary has developed a comprehensive range of massages to suit your every need and aching muscle. We create transformative experiences that we hope will become integral to your wellness routine, rather than just being an occassional indulgence. The treatments are accentuated by our in-house recipes using pure natural ingredients to create the most sensual spa experience.

Phila Wellness Spa aims to provide its clients with flawless service at affordable pricing and our healing treatments will enhance your health and wellness to help you discover new dimensions to relaxation every time you opt for the Phila experience.

Phila @ Fordsburg

46 Park Avenue Drive,
011 027 7355
082 643 4259

Phila @ Beyers

3 Beyers Naude Drive, Montgomery Park.
081 511 5166  
068 021 0923


Phila Wellness Spa